Disclaimer for GPX (GPS) file downloads

All the information on this website and our associated Walks4all Youtube channel is designed as a guide only - you agree to take full responsibility for any use you make of the information. We've tried our best to make the walk descriptions and GPS files as accurate as we can, however there will be some differences between the various GPS devices/data formats/interpretation and with anything electronic, there could potentially be errors in the data. These files may not include any path closures, short-term diversions or changes to footpaths made subsequent to the time of generating the file. The GPX files and any maps generated from them and this website show an approximate route, and may not necessarily be the best one for you to take based on current conditions. Landscapes, especially in winter, at times of heavy rainfall or in bad visibility, can quickly change. A GPS track recorded on a dry, clear day might not be the best route when wet, snow-covered or in bad visibility. Do not blindly follow a GPS track and stay aware of your surroundings and make choices on what you see, not from a line on your GPS device/mobile.

We also do not recommend that you use this GPS track as the only tool for your navigation. Take an Ordnance Survey paper map of the area/route as that cannot run out of power! Ensure you carry a compass though and have the skill to use them both.

By downloading this GPS file, you acknowledge that walks are undertaken entirely at your own risk and that Walks4all Limited can accept no responsibility or liability, nor gives any warranty, as to the accuracy or usability of these files or to any of the information on this website.

You also acknowledge that Walks4all Limited is the owner of the GPS file data and it is made available to download only for your own personal use. It must not be made available to download from any other website.

If you do find that the route in the GPS track you download is incorrect, paths have changed or the file is not working, please contact us at info@walks4all.com to let us know.


To download a GPX route file please follow the link on the walk page