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Best hiking gloves for 2024: Keep your hands warm and dry!
By: Andrew Forrest - February 2024
The right pair of hiking gloves or walking gloves can make all the difference in keeping your fingers warm, dry, and functional, no matter the weather conditions. But how do you choose the best gloves for hiking tailored to your needs to cope with the UK weather?
Best gifts for walkers and hikers: 67 Top presents every hiker should have in 2024
By: Andrew Forrest - updated December 2023
Need a gift for a walker or hiker? Look no further as we've pulled together 67 gift ideas that range from inexpensive to luxurious and cover practical, fun and personalised presents for both men and women, not forgetting our 4-legged friends.
Day hiking essentials checklist for 2024: What to wear and take on a hike
By: Andrew Forrest - November 2023
Wearing and taking suitable hiking kit and clothing is essential for a day hike for your comfort and safety, so we've put together a hiking essentials checklist to cover all you'll need.
Best head torches for hiking 2024: Lighting up the great outdoors
By: Andrew Forrest - November 2023
In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we'll explore the top head torches of 2024, delve into the key features to consider, and help you navigate your way to the ideal best head torch for your needs.
How to break in hiking boots: Tips and tricks for blister-free feet
By: Andrew Forrest - October 2023
Ensuring your hiking boots are well broken in, is essential for comfortable walks and hikes. Our 'How to break in hiking boots' guide gives you advice, tips and tricks to ensure your comfort is just a step away!
The best hiking socks of 2024: Find the perfect fit for your next walk
By: Andrew Forrest - September 2023
In this guide, we've set out the best hiking socks and the best walking socks of 2024, along with key factors to consider when buying hiking socks, including material, thickness, fit and sizing, construction, cushioning and support of the walking sock.
How to clean and care for your rucksack: A step-by-step guide in 2024
By: Andrew Forrest - September 2023
In this comprehensive guide on how to clean and care for your backpack, we'll explore the ins and outs of cleaning and caring for your rucksack from basic preparation to reproofing.
Best backpacks and rucksacks for hiking in 2024: The ultimate guide
By: Andrew Forrest - August 2023
Choosing the best backpack can make all the difference to your walk, and today we are your trail guides on a journey to find the perfect rucksack for your needs.
The best sleeping mats of 2024: A comprehensive guide
By: Andrew Forrest - July 2023
When camping, nothing ruins your sleep more than being cold and uncomfortable. The solution is the warmth and comfort provided by a sleeping mat. There are 4 main types of sleeping mats but many factors to consider in choosing your perfect one.